Internet of Things platform

Make it Clear and Iotic Labs, a leading Internet of Things business, took on the challenge of creating a user interface for Iotic Space. An environment that allows any thing to interact with any thing real or virtual.

Client Iotic Labs
Discipline User interface design


The challenge

Iotic Labs have created a platform that will allow users to create the true potential of the Internet of Things, a platform that enables connections to be easily made between any connected ‘thing’. The challenge from the Iotic Labs team was to work with them to create a visual language that would made it easy for users to engage with a platform that has the potential to change everything.


The process

Over a number of weeks, collaborative workshops were conducted, exploring the principles and rules of Iotic Space. At each stage documents were produced to articulate understanding and provide a foundation for further exploration. Iotic Labs and Make it Clear worked closely throughout the process to develop a visual language that would enable novice users to quickly start, finding, sharing and collaborating.


The results

From the brand for Iotic Labs itself, through external communications like the website to the interface of the platform itself,  a coherent visual language  has been established. One that reflects the capabilities of the platform, the vision of the founders and the potential of the Internet of Things.

User interface design


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