Virgin Media user guides

During the self install journey, clear user guides are an essential part of delivering a great experience

Client Virgin Media
Discipline Customer experience

The challenge
Virgin Media offer a unique self install service, where equipment is delivered to a customer to install and activate themselves. There are a variety of combinations for the self install, customers can pick and mix between TV, broadband and home phone services. In addition there are multiple install scenarios to consider as part of a customer experience journey, from a new customer installing the full suite of services, to an existing customer moving house or upgrading their service.

The self install is a popular choice in the market but as it relies on customers to install the product themselves there can be a significant amount of support required in the installation process. This often leads to customer service calls, sometimes requiring Virgin Media trucks and engineers to do home visits.

The challenge given to us was to improve the customer experience, success would be measured by the reduction in the number of calls and visits, as well as other direct costs to the business. Additional benefits of successfully addressing the challenge would come from delivering a world class experience, one that makes evangelists of customers, driving additional sales and benefiting the business not just through reduced cost but also increased revenue.

The process
In the initial phase of project we created customer journey maps for all the customer scenarios, these were drawn from research into all current touchpoints, business priorities, critical failure points in the current journey and existing customer feedback.

This was followed by observing customers during the installation process to gain an understanding of the challenges customers were experiencing and a full review of the existing guides, grouping and ranking the information against its value and importance for customers.

Based on the findings from our research we reordered the information delivered in the guide, including additional elements to help set appropriate expectations for customers and refining the steps required to successfully complete installation.

Virgin Media services are continually being improved, meaning guides need to change to reflect the updated technology. We have developed a content governance and management system to ensure all standard information is kept consistent across all guides – the system identifies all areas that will be affected by these changes. Improving the production process, ensuring coherent information delivery in all scenarios and leveraging efficiencies to minimise production cost and time.

In addition, we have created video guides as another channel to support customers. Live video versions of the guides lead customers through the install process, a simple but effective alternative to the printed guides.

The result
Our work has had a range of impacts, we are able to produce guides quicker than the old system and maintain and deliver consistency in terminology and content across a significant number of outputs.

Initial feedback from research and customers has been very positive. The guides present information in a way that is clearer and easy to understand, both in terms of the order of information and the design presentation.

Although we are in the early days of this project the initial data regarding calls and service visit numbers is positive and anecdotal feedback from customer service representatives is very good.

Customer experience


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