Virgin Media user guides

Clear user guides are an essential part of delivering a great self-install experience

Client Virgin Media
Discipline Customer experience

The challenge

Virgin Media’s self-install option is a popular choice in the market, but relying on customers to install the product themselves was leading to significant business costs and challenges.

We were asked to help improve the overall customer experience for all self-install scenarios – success would be measured by the reduction in the number of calls and visits, impact on Net Promotor Score (NPS), and other direct costs to the business, such as production.

The process

We began with a research phase – observing customers during the existing installation process; reviewing the existing guides; concluding with the creation of customer journey maps to highlight critical failure points in the current journey and areas of opportunity.

Based on the findings of our research we redesigned the user guides with a focus on clearly setting appropriate expectations for customers and refining the steps required.

The result

In addition to the guide redesign, the guides need to be updated regularly to reflect the improved services on offer. We developed a governance system to ensure consistency across scenarios and leverage efficiencies to minimise production costs and time.

Our work has had a range of impacts, we are able to produce guides quicker than the old system and maintain and deliver consistency in terminology and content across a significant number of outputs. Initial results have been very positive – showing reductions in calls and service visits, an improved Net Promotor Score (NPS) for the self-install business unit and overall reduction in production costs.

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Virgin Media user guides

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