Go-to-market strategy

Defining your target market, target customer and developing your value proposition; a well informed Go-to-market strategy is a necessity for successfully bringing a new product or service to market.

When you're looking to bring a new product or service to market, Make it Clear can help.

We have a proven track record of supporting global organisations plan and execute go-to-market strategies. Our work supports the following areas.


Defining your target market

Make it Clear can help explore and define your target market through workshopping, competitor and market research. We work with your organisation to:

  • Really understand your offer and organisation
  • Identify the gaps in the market
  • Assess the competitor landscape
  • Identify your target customer


Defining your target customer

We work with you to really understand your customer, we speak directly to the audience through a set of one on-one interviews. If you have marketing personas in place we can use these. We are looking to uncover:

  • What’s the customer need or ‘job to be done’
  • What pain points are they experiencing
  • What channels do your customers engage with?
  • What is the ideal customer experience you are trying to create?


Developing a value proposition

A value proposition is what makes your offer attractive to your customer base. It is the value you promise to deliver, this statement is created using the input from the stages above and forms the foundation of the messaging.


Creation of messaging

Messaging will be created to support the campaign, messaging can be developed for multiple audiences, for example internal, customers and stakeholders. Read more about our approach to messaging here, the structure of this will typically be:

  • Long form
  • Short form (elevator pitch)
  • Key benefits


Developing creative approach

The creative execution is a culmination of the stages above, several concepts will be developed and integrated with your teams. All concepts will be mindful of any brand guidelines.


Implementation and management

This is when the creative direction is rolled out across the chosen channels and platforms. Considerations for each asset are important – as each one has different requirements and intentions, as well as timings. Videos can take up to six weeks to complete and roll-out, while banner adverts take just one week.


Can we help you with your go-to-market strategy?

Make it Clear has extensive experience in creating go-to-market strategies, why not book a free 30 minute Clarity Consultation with our team and we can help you achieve your goals.

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