A memorable brand name and clear identity are key when launching a new company in a crowded market.

The challenge

We were approached by Edify and UHY Hacker Young to develop the naming and visual identity of their new partnership. Edify are experts in business coaching and consultancy, while UHY Hacker Young is a top-20 UK accountancy network. Together, they identified an opportunity to join forces and combine their areas of expertise into a single entity to support leaders in building fit for future organisations.

The process

The first stage of this project centred around a workshop where we completed a number of exercises to uncover how key stakeholders talk about the new company and offering. The workshop exercise informed and inspired the naming, positioning and design work.

We found that the new company focused on two important areas of their client’s organisation: ‘Emotional Qualities’ and ‘Intellectual Property’. We presented the name ‘Equip’ as it reflects the key purpose of the company – providing necessary skills to prepare businesses, and their people, for future growth. The logomark visualises the bridge between the emotional qualities and IP with the company’s clients represented by the ‘U’.

Our design raised and underlined the ‘U’ to draw the focus to the connection between the business consultancy and the personal experience of their clients. Alternate coloured circles were incorporated into the logo to visually show how the EQ and the IP intertwine to create the ‘U’. We chose playful but professional iconographic and typographic styles that use colours from the logo and align with the new brand identity and represent the company.

The result

The naming, visual identity and messaging have been well received by the company and its audiences and have been instrumental in helping to build awareness of the new partnership. As part of the project, we created templates for printed documentation that Equip can use in meetings and for promotion.